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Hi! This is Michael Lewis and Alison Robinson, of Valley Life Improvement Center, and we'd like to welcome you to Valley Life Improvement Center, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

We help people through a unique positive outcome-based life coaching program called Life Repair, which removes the "scar tissue" from past losses and setbacks, and allows one to "reboot" his or her life, considerably freed up from these mental stops and roadblocks to success.

There are also very real factors that a person encounters in his/her every day living that can act upon the person externally. In much the same way that the mental factors gnaw away at the person's hopes and dreams from the INSIDE, there are people and situations that have a life-sucking impact on a person from the OUTSIDE.

So our Life Repair program involves highly personal-to-you strategies that wage a two-pronged attack -- outside world and interior world -- by handling not only the mental sources of dismay and depression, but also giving you a leg up on whatever "vampire personalities" or gnarly situations that Life may throw at you.

Our clients include professionals and goal-oriented people who want to get more out of life. We help you get there.

Do you have a personal goal? We help you get there.

Does your office staff need focus and direction? We help them get there.

Do you want and need to be more of a leader? We help you get there.

Our one-on-one Life Coaching speedily removes barriers to success and fulfillment in life.

Based in California's San Fernando Valley since 1978, Valley Life Improvement Center is dedicated to delivering high quality service in a caring cheerful environment. We can also come to YOU, virtually anywhere! And we are currently arranging coaching by phone, email and Skype!

Click here to check out our blog for business professionals.

Click here to check out our blog for those with teens and young adults.

You can call us anytime at 818.366.9899 and schedule a free consultation. Though our office hours are set above, we can also make special arrangements to suit you and your schedule.

We utilize the proven counseling and consulting technologies of L. Ron Hubbard to help people achieve personal and career success.

Our areas of expertise include Focus & Directional Counseling, Conflict Management, Youth Counseling (our "TeenYA" -- Teens and Young Adults program) as well as spiritual and personal development..
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Valley Life Improvement Center - We help you get there:

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Our "Teen-YA" program (for Teens and Young Adults) is designed to parallel the goals and needs of teenagers and young adults. Utilizing Scientology technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, we help the individual chart his or her own course in life - with happy results!

Just as no human being is like any other, your child's Teen-YA program is unique to him or her, tailored to the individual needs and wants of the person.

Sometimes a parent or guardian drags in the young person kicking and screaming or sullenly resentful. In these cases we know that the child is being brought in to handle the PARENT or GUARDIAN'S exasperation, and to get the child "in line" or "under control."

Other times, the teen or young adult has a problem they can only discuss with a non-family member.

Still other times, we'll find ourselves with a young man or woman who is actually doing quite well, and simply wants to take their life and success to the next level!

Whatever the scene, we start out by getting in communication with the individual's involved to see if this is going to be a right fit for all concerned.

We know that the person footing the bill probably has a very real and legitimate agenda, but we also know that if we try to impose that agenda on the young person without first consulting his or her needs or wants, we won't get very far. We therefore incorporate what's needed for the person to survive ethically and successfully, along with the individual's own purposes and goals.

We find that if we do this while also addressing what is best and most able about the young person, we get cooperation and success!


"Learning about what was happening to me was like one of those things that you just need to have slapped in your face to see that something had to change."
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"I was really confused about so much stuff before I did this. I hated school and didn't care about the things I used to: art, family, and myself. I used to get this feeling like life wasn't real. But now I feel I've arrived. I like the feeling of being HERE, my world not fogged up and out of control. I've got a future now!"
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"Our teenager was belligerent and disrespectful at home and at school -- with the result that we, in turn were belligerent to her.

Then Valley Life Improvement Center put her on the TeenYA [Teen and Young Adult] program and that very night she told me she had figured out how to finish her grade before the start of the new school year, if she worked really hard. I had long since given up on threatening, harassing, pleading, begging, bribing her to do school work. Now here she is telling me how she can do it on her own!

Over the next two weeks that child did a minimum of THREE MONTHS worth of school work, on her own! She stopped eating junk, started losing weight, stopped watching videos and TV for hours on end, stopped fighting with her sister (and everyone else) stopped being belligerent, cleaned her room, cut her hair. . .Just on and on and on. This probably isn't the half of it!

I can't begin to express my appreciation and pure awe at Valley Life Improvement Center's care and persistence!"
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Youth is when one's energy level and one's dreams both rise to their highest heights!
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One's survival in life depends utterly on the person's confidence that he or she can make those dreams come true.
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For more information call us at (818) 366-9899 or email us at
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At a crossroads in your life? Need a boost? Or some direction? Or focus?

Our individually tailored "Life Repair" Life Coaching is just the ticket!

"Recently I realized that I had been sitting on the fence in my life for over a decade and I decided to have a consultation with a trained Life Coach at Valley Life Improvement Center.

I came in and blabbed for about an hour. She asked me, literally, just a few questions. I answered. And all of a sudden I realized how I wanted myself to be recognized in the world. I felt like I had arrived at a pinnacle of my life road. That sounds heavy and miraculous, doesn't it! Well, it felt that way!

My Life Coach laid out a 7 point plan of action to follow that I absolutely and totally agreed with. I knew the reasons behind them, and felt no doubt about any of them.

Writing those words just now brings tears to my eyes. Do you know how much time and frustration, and built-up hopes that were let down I have had?

I went home and within one and half hours, I pulled in some work, made a chunk of money, thoroughly enjoyed the work, proved my value and was hired to do the same thing twice a week for the next few months. And within an hour after that, I had messages from two more clients waiting to sign up with me!

This session was so gentle, so simple, so surprising. I have been on a high since I sat down with her! Thank you, Valley Life Improvement Center, for knowing your stuff, and providing a place to receive it!"

Get a leg up on your life with some real "Life Repair" Life Coaching today!

Call us at 818.366.9899 or email us at for more info and to schedule your initial FREE consultation!

All publications are $7.00. This price includes shipping and handling within the
continental U.S.
Individually tailored programs especially for creative people of all ages!

Utilizing the Scientology technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, our Career Artists Program ("CAP") enables you to achieve success in your chosen field, whether it's the fine arts, mechanical or performing arts, or life itself!

"My life is getting so organized and I have had many realizations about what I love to do and how good I am at doing it. My life as on artist is taking new shape and recreating every day. I just can't keep up with the number of creative ideas I have. For the first time I am continuing to have actual changes in my life. I mean actual changes, like not only in my outlook on life but also in what I intend to happen. I can also see now how I can raise my income and work at what I love to do, rather than what I HAVE to do!"

When you rehabilitate a person's artistic goals, and direct him or her on a channel toward success, you are rekindling what's best about a person. One's energies and one's drive are at their highest when directed toward creative pursuits.

"I had gotten hung up, hopeless, and not going anywhere. This program has completely reactivated me and I've already quadrupled my production as an artist!"


Friday night November 14th 2014, 7:30 pm.
"Wisdom Under The Stars" Cafe
(an outdoor evening at our lovely garden plaza!)
Friday night November 14th 2014, 7:30 pm. It's FREE.
Michael Lewis on:
You know them. They're not the majority of people you know but they have a really bad impact in your life. They are the people you want to avoid, yet can't. How do you deal with them? There IS a way. Find out how!

The fun begins Friday night November 14th 2014, 7:30 pm. It's FREE.
10722 White Oak Avenue Suite 4, Granada Hills, CA 91344


Friday Night November 21rst, 2014, 7:30 pm
Valley Life Improvement Center proudly presents
We present the awesome and amazing talents of
Can you sing, juggle, play an instrument, read poetry? Come on over!
Call us to book your slot, or you can play the part of Enthusiastic Well-Fed Audience!
See you then!

The fun begins Friday night November 21rst 2014, 7:30 pm. It's FREE.
10722 White Oak Avenue Suite 4, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Friday Night December 12, 2014, 7:30 pm
Valley Life Improvement Center proudly presents
We present the awesome and amazing talents of
Can you sing, juggle, play an instrument, read poetry? Come on over!
Call us to book your slot, or you can play the part of Enthusiastic Well-Fed Audience!
See you then!

The fun begins Friday night December 12th 2014, 7:30 pm. It's FREE.
10722 White Oak Avenue Suite 4, Granada Hills, CA 91344
Michael and Alison are here to help you. Here are the best ways to contact us directly to talk about our one-on-one counseling, our Life Improvement courses, and our consulting services.

10722 White Oak Ave. Suite 4
Granada Hills, CA. 91344

Michael Lewis and Alison Robinson
Co-Directors of Valley Life Improvement Center

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Our Friday Night "Cabarets" feature a talk on some subject of interest, based on the writings and researches of L. Ron Hubbard. From time to time we've managed to correctly rig up the video on Michael, with the result being the occasional video excerpt we can pass on to you. These videos are rated "E" for Everyone. They contain workable solutions to life which you can use right away. We hope this data helps you as much as it has helped us. Enjoy!
Rev. Michael Lewis delivers the Opening Invocation for the annual Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce Installation of Officers banquet, followed by Alison Robinson accepting the gavel as the new President of the Chamber, Feb 26th 2010

One thing that Alison and Michael enjoy so much about working here is that each day is a constant parade of happy endings (and beginnings!). Here is a sampling of successes-- and stay tuned for changes and new ones!
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